Landscape Trust Tick Removal Card


With a Landscape Trust TickCard in your wallet, you are well prepared against ticks and the threat of Lyme disease.

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Stay safe outdoors with the Landscape Trust’s new Tick Removal Card!

Ticks are an increasingly common problem in the British countryside, as well as in parks and gardens.  Ticks can carry a variety of diseases that are dangerous to humans, with Lyme Borreliosis being a particularly serious threat, especially in areas such as the AONB with a significant population of deer and small mammals.

Our new custom TickCards are credit-card sized and come in a protective plastic slip-sleeve, fitting conveniently into your wallet, purse or pocket to be on hand wherever you are.  Simple and easy to use, the TickCard provides a safe and quick way to remove ticks of all sizes correctly, without squeezing or stressing them, as soon as you discover you have an unwanted passenger.  It even includes a 3x magnifying glass so that you can examine more closely any small black specks that you suspect of being a tick.

Each card is supplied with full, easy-to-follow instructions for use, as well as general information about ticks and Lyme disease. The cards and all packaging are designed with quality, durability and the environment in mind. All plastics are 100% PVC-free, with low environmental impact (ABD and PP).

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